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After putting together his life once again from a traumatic experience in his past; Govind Narang accompanied by his sister Rattna comes to reside in Azad Nagar, Bombay. He cannot stand injustice in any shape and form; this brings him into enmity with a gangster Johnny and his younger brother Danny Handsome. Obstructed by the interference into their criminal activities Johnny and his gang brutally beats up Govind leaving him to die and sexually molest Rattna in broad-daylight.
This is the story of Govind Narang, a honest, upright, chivalrous, and handsome and good-looking to boot. He lived in a small village in Punjab, fell in love with Sudha, but marries Masterji's daughter, Pushpa, as she is pregnant by a police officer, who refuses to marry her. Pushpa does not love Govind, and hates Sudha. Together with her brother, Laxman, Pushpa tries to have Sudha thrown out of the village, but is unsuccessful. When Laxman finds out about Pushpa's infidelity, he poisons her, and after his wife's death, Govind relocates to Bombay, with his sister, Ratna. He meets beautiful and gorgeous Gitika, and they fall in love. One day Govind defends the honor of a young girl from the younger brother of hoodlum Johnny Handsome, and as a result generates hatred and animosity. Johnny also is humiliated by Govind and others, and swears vengeance with the help of Sadanana Kutty and Karim Khan Toofani. On the other hand, Govind befriends Ram Shevak, and with his help and assistance of a landowner arranges the purchase of a prestigious plot of land so that hawkers and small shop-owners could set-up their businesses. But nothing goes according to plan. The plot of land and the owner turn out to be fakes, and Govind gets all the blame; His sister is openly raped, and and brutally killed in broad daylight; and Govind himself gets seriously wounded in broad daylight before the very eyes of the people he defended. Does Govind ever recover? Will he be able to redeem himself in the eyes of his friends?
Newly arrived Govind Narang gets into the bad books of Mumbai underworld when he rescues a girl from being molested by them. Soon the goons are after him, and with this return people or Narang&#39;s past, the whole of which form Aaghaaz.<br/><br/>It is a film depicting the mafia nuisance in society. The film is a mix of comedy,romance to please everyone in the crowd, because of which the film deviates it from its social direction.<br/><br/>The ladies acting is weak. The camera work is poor, being fast and shaky. The editing is weak with rapid transition from scene to song.<br/><br/>It may have a been a high budget movie of those days, as evidenced by the huge star cast, especially serial actors, and shooting in exotic locales like Malaysia and Switzerland.<br/><br/>Sunil Shetty does well but I don&#39;t like his unnecessary screaming like an animal. Else he&#39;s one of the best.<br/><br/>Deserves 5*
Basically, a Bollywood mobster movies pitting two spice merchants, along with their predictably gorgeous love interests, AAGHAZ has some good music clips, and is aided by stunning locales near Cape Town, South Africa. As a musical mobster movie, I would say it succeeds, if you can accept the whole premise of a melodramatic musical about mobsters. If the concept seems ludicrous to you, so will the movie. Piece by piece, the film does have some good points: the locales, cinematography, and music clips already mentioned, a couple of the performances… But as whole, this film is a disappointment.

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